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Welcome to Segwaytours Copenhagen 2016

Tours every single day all winther.  Please book in advance. 


Phone + 45 2395 9932

 “Wonderful CPH”- 2 hours – Book   "Copenhagen Tour” 1 hour - Book



1 hour "Mini Tour": DKK 350,- / € 47 / $ 51.  At 13:30pm & 16:30pm

2 hour "Best of Copenhagen Tour": DKK 495,- / € 66 / $ 72. At  10:00am, 1:00pm. & 4:00pm

Prices are pr..prs and include tax, your own Segway, personal english speaking guide, helmets, wireless soundsystems, briefing, instruction and a joyfull guided tour through the streets, secret gardens and castles of Copenhagen.

We are located at Niels Hemmingsens Gade 20 in Copenhagen (next to the main walkingstreet)

Our fantastic Segways and eduacated guides are ready to give you a great experience. SegwayTours are the leading operator in Denmark. We have 88 Segways, 12 guides and we offer up to 10 Segwaytours every day - 7 days a week - all year. All our tours include intro, your own personal guide, wireless radiosystem, helmet, instruction, pratice before tour and a fantastsic guided tour through the wonderfull Copenhagen. Kids must be 12 yrs old to go on public tours.

All our guides speak english and danish and are professionally trained. We are here to give you the best service possible, safety and comfort. Welcome to

More than 60.000 happy guests has been on our tours. 

Come join us for a great experience!


 “Wonderful CPH”- 2 hours – Book   "Copenhagen Tour” 1 hour - Book


What gives us the most pleasure here at SegwayTours in Copenhagen, is to give you and your family and friends a unique, funny and extraordinary experience on our fantastic new Segways. With a second-to-none personal commitment - that is exactly what we aim to do. We offer guided tours for groups of 2-80 people. Our tours last for 40 minutes to 2 hours. The "Best of Copenhagen Tour " is an amazing and thrilling event. We guarantee you that the feeling will last for a very long time. We look forward to seeing you in the city of Copenhagen.


Velkommen til Segwaytours København 2016

Vi kører ture hver dag - året rundt.

Vi ligger i Niels Hemmingsens Gade 20 i Kbh. city -  50 m. fra Strøget.   

VORES POPULÆRE SEGWAY TURE: råder over 88 fantastiske Segways. Vi kører hver dag året rundt. 12 oplagte og veluddannede guider er altid klar til at give dig en super oplevelse. Vores Segwayture er populære. On-line booking er derfor nødvendig for at sikre plads. Man skal være fyldt 12 år og iflg. med en voksen for at køre med på vores offentlige ture.

  • "MikroTour" 40 min. DKK 250,- 
  •   "Mini Tour"  1 time:  DKK 350,-  
  •  "Cph.Tour" 1,5 time: DKK 450,- 
  •              "Best Of Cph. Tour" 2 timer: DKK 495,-

Tour priser er pr. prs. inkl. moms, din helt egen Segway, hjelm m. lydsystem, radiomodtager, velkomst, træning, briefing, instruktør og en fantastisk guidet tur i København på 6 - 12 km. Vores ture starter og slutter i Niels Hemmingsens Gade 20 Kbh.K (v. Strøget). Mod et tillæg kan andre start / slutsteder kan aftales. Vi er specialister i firmaarrangementer.

RING PÅ TLF: 2395 9932  mellem kl. 9:00 & 17:00 alle dage.



"Best Of Cph." 2 timer - Book nu   "Mini Tur" 1 time - Book nu